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Full kit for removing Fluoride from drinking water

The kit can be used for under the bench or for sitting on the bench.

Should be installed by a qualified person.

$325.00 (inc GST)

This is for one housing, one special 5 micron carbon bonded filter and installation kit to use on or under kitchen bench. The system will remove 80 to 90% of fluoride and all chlorine and most other chemicals from your tap water.
Fluoride is a poison and a pollutant from scrubbers in the fertiliser industry.
If you have fluoride in your tap water you have a poison that can affect your health and insidently does very little in protecting teeth from decay.
Peer reviewed scientific papers shows that fluoride can affect IQ especially in developing brains of children and can lead to Alzheimer’s later in life. It is a health hazard for kidneys and anyone with kidney diseases should be very aware of the problems fluoride can cause.
The filter is slow and the flow rate is 2 litres per minute.
The filter life is 2000 litres in sediment free water but for health reasons should be replaced every 6 months.
Replacement filter is $75.00
When the filter’s life is ending flow will reduce or stop.