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Wally Hydro Flow Delux starter kit

This Delux starter kit for Wallys Hydro Flow gives you 4 containers to grow in and all the basic materials to get started. See in Description what is in this growing kit.

$420.00 (inc GST)

CHECK LIST: Your Wallys Hydro Flow Starter Kit contains the Following Items:

 Growing and assembly instructions

One 112Litre Taurus Storage Container (Ideal; for breaking down the Coir Brick)


Two 15 litre Autopots with two trays, two polystyrene bases and two valves.


Two 8.5 Litre Autopots with one tray and one polystyrene base and one valve.


Panda Film for laying on ground (white side up) to place polystyrene bases and Autopots on. (Gives more light to plants and helps deter pest insects)


One Coir Brick (Makes about 45 litres of growing medium)


One 2.5 Litre of Wallys Super Plant Food plus one 1 Litre same for measuring. (3.5 litres total)

 One 500ml Magic Botanic Liquid.

 One 1kilo Rock Solid (Or Similar)

 One 1kilo Wallys Neem Tree Powder.

 One packet of Whitefly Sticky Traps

 Five wire U shaped anchors for securing cord from roof.

 Two 20litre recycled Jerry Cans with connector and tap for 13mm black pipe.

 Two end plugs, one 13mm joiner, three 4mm off takes plus 4mm pipe.

 Seeds a packet of special miniature cucumbers that are self setting from Egmont Seeds, A Wallys Special Tomato seeds (Large Beef steak type) and also tomato seeds of a Wallys summer/winter dwarf tomato plant that produce bite size fruit in winter.