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Wallys TERRACIN Soil Biocide 250 mls

To use Terracin either mix 20ml into 1 litre of non-chlorinated water and spray over 10SqM.

Alternative is mix 2ml of Terracin into 1 litre of non-chlorinated water and water over 1 SqM of soil.

3 weeks later drench with Mycorrcin.

 Even if your vegetables or roses appear to be growing happily a

application of Terracin followed up by the Mycorrcin could improve your plants noticeably.

$24.00 (inc GST)

Terracin uses a combination of a Bacillius amyloliquefaciens BS-1b a beneficial soil microbe and the enzymes, bacteriocins, secondary metabolites and signal molecules from the fermentation of Enteroccocus faecium to suppress a broad range of fungal pathogens.

Terracin works fast. Firstly the B amyloliquefaciens directly attack the pathogens by excreting strong antimicrobial substances that inhibit the pathogens growth.

The enzymes and bacteriocins from the fermentation extract weaken the pathogen by break down its outer cell walls.

The signal molecules and secondary metabolites then activate the beneficial soil microbes that produce antimicrobial substances which act to further suppress the pathogens.

As the populations of beneficial microbes rise they suppress pathogens by simply out competing them for food. (That was simple wasn't it?)

Once the pathogens have been suppressed it is important to re-establish a healthy population of beneficial microbes so 3 weeks after using Terracin you drench the area with Mycorrcin.

It is also important not to water the area with Chlorinated water (Put 10 micron Carbon Bonded filter on your tap) as that just kills the microbes and you waste your time and money.

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