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Wallys Tap Housing and Filter (Removes Chlorine & most Chemicals)

Simple to conect to outside tap using 2 snap on hose appliance fittings.


The unit, housing and filter unit has free shipping in NZ on their own.

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$160.00 (inc GST)

The 10 micron carbon bonded filter will remove the chlorine from water to the benefit of both soil life and earth worms.

Has about 16000 litres before replacement of filter (Available seperately)

The reason for placing this system on your garden hose is to remove the chlorine from the water supply along with a number of other possible chemicals and pollutants.


Chlorine is placed in the tap water to kill bacteria and microbes which may prevent tummy ache and diarrhea in us but chlorine is also not good for our health as written about in my book, Wally’s Down to Earth Gardening Guide.

Chlorine still active in the water and poured onto our gardens will also kill the beneficial soil life to a disadvantage to the health of the soil and plants.

We have all seen in a dry summer when we are pouring heaps of chlorinated water onto our gardens plants only grow slowly. A good shower of rain comes and everything springs to life.

Diseases start to appear on plants which can be often attributed to the amount of chlorinated water we are using. The natural protection microbes give is removed and the pathogens move in causing rusts, black spot and other diseases.

The filter supplied is good for about 16,000 litres before replacing. This under general use should be sufficient to last for one season with a new filter placed into the housing each spring.

Treat the filtered water as valuable and do not waste it. Hand held hose watering is best and don't leave irrigation systems running for longer than needed.

The filter will drop the water pressure and some sprinklers etc will not preform as well as previously.

Place a double click on hose unit to the tap and run a short bit of hose up to a snap on connector with a click on connector on the IN side of the filter housing. The OUT side of the housing, place another click on connector and it is to this you attach your hose for watering the gardens and containers.

If washing the car, windows etc remove the hose from the filter and connect to the other outlet on the tap so filtered water is not being wasted.


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