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Wallys Thatch Busta 500 mls

Wallys Thatch Busta 500 mls

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Thatch Busta

A thin thatch layer can be tolerated in some lawn situations. In fact, a small thatch layer can help to increase turfgrass wear tolerance. However, if this layer is allowed to accumulate unchecked, lawn problems will develop. Excessive thatch layers result in increased insect and disease activity and mower scalping injury. Other problems related to excess thatch build-up include reduced tolerance to heat, drought stress, and reduced tolerance to low winter temperatures.

Whether thatch is a problem or a potential problem is determined by the positive and negative influences affecting thatch formation and decomposition.

Foremost in this scheme is the inherent thatching tendencies of different types of turfgrass. (Brown Top is especially bad for thatch build up) Thatch formation is further influenced through management practices. Increased stimulation of turf growth through excessive fertilizer use (especially nitrogen) or frequent irrigation will increase the rate of thatch development. Fertilizer and water use should therefore be programmed to produce a quality turf without over-stimulating its growth. Infrequent mowing or too high of a mowing height also favors thatch formation.

Mowing should be ideally at 3.5 cm. Or there about.


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Soil micro-organisms, which act to decompose thatch, function best in warm, moist, well-aerated soils at a near neutral pH. Thatch accumulation increases in soils where micro-organism populations are inhibited by acidic soil conditions or poor soil aeration caused by poor drainage or soil compaction. Eliminating drainage problems, aerating to reduce soil compaction, and liming to adjust soil pH to the near neutral range (6.2 to 6.5) will favor the activity of thatch-decomposing micro-organisms. (Worms can become a problem in a non acidic lawn with worm casts.)

Now we have an organic product called Thatch Busta which can be sprayed onto your lawn and it assists in the gobbling up of the thatch.

One inch of thatch will be gobbled up in about a month, converting the thatch to food for your grasses.

Used at the rate of 100 ml to 10 litres of water to cover 100 square metres. you can use any domestic weed killers with Thatch Busta and in many cases you will get a better result in killing the weeds. Apply Thatch Busta when soil is moist, any time of the year, then use again in the spring and autumn. High traffic lawns may need a more frequent application.

Simple to use and saves you the work of having to use a scarifying rake.

Mind you, if you want to over-sow your lawn then it should be scarified to open up the soil for the new seeds.

Thatch Busta has another very useful aspect, it is a super compost activator and to use it just add 50-100 mls of the product to a litre of water and water over your compost.

Also if you want to break down organic mulches faster into the soil or for making leaf mould.

Note you can do the same over your worm farm to quickly break down raw material for the worms.

A great product for both lawns and compost and helping keep things natural.