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Micro Life 1 litre

Micro Life: • Develops high yielding, healthier, more profitable soil 
• Supports disease suppression in plants and soil 
• Improves soil structure, temperature and depth 
• Creates better organic matter decomposition and nutrient recycling 
• Optimises soil biological activity and balance 
•  A living soil inoculant taking soil and crop potential to new heights

.aids in control of grass grubs

$20.00 (inc GST)

Microlife is a highly concentrated blend of selected living soil microorganism.  It helps create high yielding disease suppressive soils supportive of plant root development and natural nirogen fixation.


Spray with garden sprayer mix 25ml per Lt of water to cover 40sq m.

Beneficial soil organisms contribute to plant production by suppressing disease, developing soil structure / depth / softness, improving nutrient utilisation (N,P,K,S,B,Mo etc), increasing the effective rooting area of the plant, decomposing organic matter to release humic acid / humates and exuding substances (sugars, proteins, hormones, enzymes) to promote plant production.  The right types of organisms create that special X factor in soil.  Microlife helps restore the balance of beneficial organisms in your soil and does not introduce foreign organisms.