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Wallys Super Liquid Fish Fertiliser Plus 1 litre

Now with New Label calling it Wallys Super Fish Fertiliser...

Same stuff in container....

 Biological Liquid Fish Fertiliser

$16.00 (inc GST)



Bio Marinus™ is manufactured by the enzymatic hydrolysis of fish offal, blended with humate, seaweed and biology including Bacillus subtilis, Trichoderma, mycorrhizae fungi etc, together with gibberellic acid which promotes growth. Designed to provide a high quality, cost effective fertiliser.



Use at 30ml per litre of non chlorinated water for soil drench

15ml per litre of non chlorinated water for foliage spray

Biologically active soils have the ability to retain moisture and release nutrients ensuring greater production, faster rotation and more rapid recovery from stress. To build a healthy biological soil we need products that can feed living organisms.

Increasing public awareness of the environmental impact of using chemical-based fertiliser has created a demand for a safe, natural and environmentally friendly fertiliser. Biological fertilisers increase nutrient availability and feed important soil organisms, such as earthworms and microorganisms (fungi and bacteria) – all essential for plant and soil health.

Soil health and soil fertility requires much more than NPK fertiliser. Without the right biology, plants and animals cannot reach their full potential. Biology is essential for the recycling of nutrients and the fixing of atmospheric nitrogen.

The process used to manufacture BIO MARINUS™ is an enzymatic hydrolysis of fish at low temperature. This retains the proteins, amino acids, naturally occurring vitamins, 7% to 10% fish oil (including Omega 3), and 7% to 10% hydrolysed fish bone. The addition of both seaweed and a carbon extract of humic/fulvic acid to this blend increases beneficial bacterial and fungal activity and plant nutrient availability of both calcium and magnesium.

We believe BIO MARINUS™ Liquid Fish Fertiliser is one of the most complex and complete biological fertilisers produced in New Zealand.  This is all designed to provide a high quality, cost effective biological fertiliser for use in agriculture and horticulture.