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Wallys Calcium & Health 12 kg Bulk

12kg Bag for $23.00 plus shipping at cost

$25.00 (inc GST)

A few years back we had two popular products one was Rapid Lime which was a quick acting Garden Lime the other was some essential trace elements for your health such as selenium.

Both the manufactures went out of business but now we have a new product which combines the past two plus more. Called Wallys Calcium & Health it is a fast acting Garden Lime with Magnesium, selenium, boron, phosphate, sulphur and potash. This will enhance the soil life while making your vegetables and fruit healthier. Used at 60 grams per Square M or a small amount in the planting hole.

Available in 1 kg @ $11.00 and 3kg jar@ $20   or bulk (12kg Bag for $25.00 plus shipping at cost)