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Wallys Secret Strawberry Food 1kg

Wallys Secret Strawberry food helps produce extra big strawberries.

$16.00 (inc GST)

  Last season a gardener told us about how she used Mycorrcin and our Secret Tomato food to obtain strawberries bigger than apricots. Towards the end of the season I also repeated what she had done and yes we obtained a good number of really big, juicy berries.

Over winter I did a bit of work to produce Wallys Secret Strawberry Food which should give you bigger better strawberries than before. Apply every 6 to 8 weeks from early spring to end of harvesting.

Spray the plants 2 weekly with Mycorrcin which in itself will increase crop by 200 to 400% more strawberries when compared to normal.  Wallys Secret Strawberry Food is in a 1kg container for $16.00.

Results will vary from variety to variety.