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Codling Moth Pheromone Trap

Pack contains one Delta hanger, 2 monitoring lures and two sticky glue inserts (Refill kits available)

Attracts and traps male codling moths with this non-toxic pheromone lure, placed inside a glue trap.

Hang near your apple, pear and walnut trees that have been previouisly had fruit damaged by Codlin Moth.

Apply when flowering has finished on first tree you are monitoring.

See description..

$26.00 (inc GST)

Avoid hanging in tree as you dont want them to come to the tree. Place in centre of trees to monitor on a stake or similar.


The idea is to check the trap every few days and when moths are found (Codling moth is 8mm long, grey with black lines and a distictive copper patch on wing tips)

When you find male moth in the trap you then know that they are on the wing for the season.

Start spraying the apples (No need to do the tree just the apples) with Wallys Super Neem Oil with Raingard added just prior to sunset. Repeat every 14 days untill it has gone about 4 weeks with no more moths caught in trap..

One trap will cover about a 12 -15 metre radius.

Replace lure and sticky pad every 6 weeks.

The house hanger can be used season after season reloading with fresh lures and sticky pads