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Sticky White Fly Traps Pack of 5

Sticky White Fly Traps (5 in pack)

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Sticky White Fly Traps (5 in pack) These are from a new supplier and larger pads than previous.

Effective, safe and easy to use. Yellow Stricky Traps are coated both sides with non-drying / non-drip insect glue and water resistant. Research has shown that a large number of pests are attracted to a range of specific colours, with yellow being the most powerful attractant for a wide range of Whiteflies, Aphids and Sciarids.The Yellow Sticky Trap has been designed to take advantage of this behaviour, and being covered in a high-tech non-drying adhesive. The attracted insects land on the trap and are stuck fast.

How to Use

It is important that the traps be placed early in the season before pest populations start to build up to prevent the pest reaching epidemic proportions and keep fly levels low on a continous basis.

Hang on stakes or plants to catch small adult flying insects.

Use Outdoors or indoors including glasshouses.

They stay sticky all season till full up.