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Wallys Super Neem Tree Oil 1 litre


1 litre (makes up to 200 Litres of spray)

Normal use is 5mls of Neem Oil to 1 litre of water.

DO NOT MIX STRONGER THAN 10 ml per Litre of water.

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Normal use is 5mls of Neem Oil to 1 litre of water.

For cases of severe infestation 10ml to 1 litre of water.

Spray for total coverage of target plants (see rear label for more information)

DO NOT MIX STRONGER THAN 10 ml per Litre of water.


Super Neem Oil is a Natural control; it is not a poison and it has very low toxicity.

Its main action is to stop insect pests feeding so they die later on of starvation.

It can also deter, or interfere with growth, preventing next instar.

Generally speaking, it is considered safe to beneficial insects and bees.

May help to deter possums, rabbits from eating garden plants.

Super Neem Tree Oil has some fungicide properties as well as insecticide.

Effective control of Porina on lawns.

Cut lawn and spray grass at 5ml per litre of water just before sunset.

Pets and children are safe to walk on after spraying.

Effective control of Thrips on Rhododendrons:

Wrap strips of flannel 25mm wide around trunk soaked in this oil at full strength.

Pin on and cover with plastic wrap. Leave for one month only.

Alternative use Wallys Neem Tree Granules.


                           KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

1 litre (makes up to 200 Litres of spray)

Rear of label


                 Wallys Super Neem Tree Oil

Due to the fatty content of Neem Oil the product will solidify in cold weather.

Place container into a jug of hot water before using.

Shake well and mix with warm water.

Never spray in sunlight or during high humidity.

Use at end of the day just before sunset to prevent possible burning of foliage.

DO NOT mix with copper, alkaline sprays or sulphur sprays.

Can be used with Pyrethrum, MBL, Mycorrcin, Raingard and Perkfection sprays.

Use all made up spray (or) water left over spray onto soil in root zone of treated plants.

Wash spray equipment out with warm water and spray clean water through sprayer.

Store bottle in a dark place.

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