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X-It Ant 225mls

X-it Ant is a residual insecticide for the exterior control of ants around dwellings and residential area.

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X-it Ant is a residual insecticide for the exterior control of ants around dwellings and residential areas

Efficacy against all ant species in New Zealand including Argentine and Darwin Ants.
Can be used on all exterior hard surfaces including trees, concrete paths and the exterior of buildings.
Rainfast after 1 hour of sunlight.
Control of ants for months, depending on the surface treated.
Forms a non-repellent barrier that ensures uptake of chemical when walked on by ants.

X-It Ant is a non repellent, long lasting insecticide specifically designed for NZ conditions.

It is designed to perform when environmental conditions and unfavourable surfaces impact on active longevity.

Traditional methods for ant control have been variable and in many cases very poor leading to their rapid spread and continuing impact. Ants affect peoples living and working environments and NZ’s natural biodiversity.

Avoid eye contact.
Moderate toxicity if swallowed.
Avoid skin contact. Contact with the skin, especially the face, may result in initial stinging or burning sensations (parasthesia).

Environmental Impact
Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
Harmful to the soil environment.
Toxic to terrestrial vertebrates.
Very toxic to terrestrial invertebrates
How to Use
For outdoor use only. Use on domestic dwelling exterior, roadside curbing, footpaths, gardens, bark, concrete, asphalt, pavers, exterior walls and tree and shrub trunks. Avoid contact with windows. If deposit has dried clean with a solvent such as turpentine or kerosene.

Apply X-it Ant at a rate of 75ml per 5 litre water or 75mls per 100sq meters.

Ensure sprayer is clean and residue free prior to use. Avoid waterways, ponds and streams.

Keep pets away from contact with spray till dry. Do not spray food preparation areas or food. Avoid spraying over clothing, bedding, towels or personnel contact items.

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