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Wallys Down to Earth Garden Guide

Wallys Down to Earth Garden Guide is a comprehensive guide to gardening naturally.

Revised edition 2011. Free shipping.

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$28.95 (inc GST)


SECTION ONE Important areas and subjects.

Roses page 1
Tomatoes 17
Potatoes. 26
Other Vegetables. 37
Fruit for you.. 61
Lawns 85
Lawn Problems 94
Seeds 103
Weeds.. 109
Popular Flowering plants.124
Native plants..144
Worm farms147
Chickens 150

SECTION TWO Safe and beneficial products

Improving soil and plant health..156
Plant foods.. 171
Pest protection 177
Disease protection. 187
Other products 192
Stockiest. 199

SECTION THREE Popular garden areas

Gardening tips for 52 weeks 203
Summer problems.. 216
More about seeds 222
Gardening Basics 229
Herbs 247
House plants.. 250
Pest insects 258
Plant diseases 264
Miscellaneous 268


Glyphosate  281
Super Phosphate. 287
Water soluble fertilisers. 299
Reasons for growing vegetables. 303
Other heath concerns 305
SECTION FIVE Healthy alternatives

Introduction .. 309
Wheat grass.. 312
Milk. 316
Water. 319
New gardening problems (in revised 2011 printing) 329
Index. 338

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