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Wallys Neem Tree Powder 1 kilo


(Crushed Kernels of the Neem Tree)

one Kilo

$16.00 (inc GST)


(Crushed Kernels of the Neem Tree)

one Kilo


Used as a soil conditioner and natural plant food.


Neem Tree Powder promotes Healthy Plants; assisting in keeping them free of pests and diseases in the soil and on the plants.

Also known to deter some cats from fouling gardens in  some cases (but not all)


USE RATES: 50 to 100 grams per SqM on soil or on top of container mix.

Mix into potting mixes and composts at 100 grams per 50 litres of mix.


Place in planting hole of seedlings and plants as well as sprinkling on soil around plants.


Place in root zone of existing plants or with shrubs and trees sprinkle at drip line.

Citrus trees spread from trunk to drip line for best results.


Lawns: on recently mowed lawns apply when the soil is moist spreading at 50 grams per SqM, lightly water and if possible roll lawn to press powder into the soil.



Store in dark, cool and dry conditions.

If powder becomes mouldy only open outdoors and refrain from breathing in mould spores.

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