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DRION packs 3 packs for reduced price

Any 3 of the DRION products for $25.00

That can be one of each of Pantiliners, Day Pads and Night Pads.

Or three of one type or two of one type and one of another.

See each one for description. Order each individually and we will organise this special price when we phone you.



$25.00 (inc GST)

Drion sanitary pads are organic and are made up of layers of non-allergenic, non-woven paper (non-recycled therefore no bleaching), super absorbent organic polymer and is kept together with glue/adhesive that is made from natural starch so is food grade (not made from synthetic chemicals). The pads are completely biodegradable, unlike many other feminine hygiene products which have a high environmental impact. They are also free from dyes, artificial colouring, bleaching or chemical additives making them sensitive to your skin.

Here is what can be in 85% of other hygine products

  1. Dioxins – Pads and tampons are bleached, and dioxins are produced because of the bleaching process. Dioxins are linked to hormone disruption and autoimmunity while regular tampon use can increase health risks.
  2. Glyphosate – Cotton, one of the main ingredients of pads and tampons, is a major genetically modified organism (GMO) that’s often treated with glyphosate. Cotton is highly absorbent, which means it also absorbs the chemicals that it’s treated with. At least 85 percent of non-organic tampons contain glyphosate.
  3. Mercury – Mercury isn’t directly added to feminine products, but it can be found in pads and tampons since it’s a byproduct of the manufacturing and bleaching process. Mercury is connected to the disruption of the digestive, immune, and nervous systems.
  4. Phthalates – Phthalates are a chemical similar to plastic, and they’re often used in various scented products like pads or tampons. Phthalates, which mask vaginal odors, can disrupt the hormones.
  5. Rayon – Rayon is a synthetic ingredient made from sawdust and it’s heavily linked to toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Tampons have a warning label that tells women not to leave them longer than eight hours because of TSS. The condition can cause symptoms like diarrhea, fever, low blood pressure, seizures, and vomiting. TSS is fatal but while many women are aware of the condition, not all of them know that tampons can also expose them to dioxins, the byproducts of rayon.
  6. Synthetic fragrances – Synthetic fragrances make countless products emit a certain smell. These scents help feminine products mask odors, but since the chemicals used in fragrances are often proprietary, they aren’t required to be disclosed so users don’t know what exactly are in the products they buy. Some fragrances can even contain known carcinogens.