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Wallyts Moss & Liverwort Control 1 litre

Control not only mosses & liverworts but also slimes, moulds, lichen and algae including ponds and fountains that are not inhabited by fish or frogs and not connected to any waterways.
Ideal for algae in bird baths etc.
One drop will clean a bird bath.
Use indoors on moulds and in showers.
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For Moss & Liverwort use at the rate of 25 to 50 mls per litre of water.
For Lichen & Algae use at 10 to 20 mls per Litre of Water.
If spraying over plants rinse off with a hose 30 minutes after application.
Some mosses etc may need further treatments.
The best results are obtained by adjusting your sprayer’s nozzle to a bit of a jet rather than a mist. A jet forces the product into the target bryophyte where it is absorbed and similar to Roundup kills the whole bryophyte. Unlike Sulphate of Iron used for moss control which only burns off the top of the moss and it returns fairly quickly and requires often several treatments.
From my own experience with the chemical, when used correctly on moss etc more often than not there is no further problems in the treated area for some months and sometimes a year or more.
It depends on how long it takes for fresh spores to colonize the area.
Can be used to clean up fish ponds as long as fish removed before treating and pond aerated after treatment before returning a test fish.