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Wallys Liquid Copper 250 ml


Wallys Liquid Copper is a tribasic copper sulphate in the form of a suspension concentrate in a liquid form which is more convenient than having to mix a copper powder with water .

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The product is compatible with most garden sprays but don’t mix with lime sulphur or Surrender. It is also best not to mix any copper with any spraying oils including Neem Tree Oil as oil tends to reduce the effectiveness of any copper spray. Oils are used for smothering scale, mites and thrips and if any of these are present then it is better to do a separate spray for them.

The commercial brand name of this product (Tribase Blue NuFarm) is registered for the following plants diseases:

Anthracnose, Ascochyta Blight, Angular Leaf Spot, The following Blights: Common, Early, Late, Halo, Bacterial, Spur and Fireblight. Downy Mildew, Brown Spot, Brown Rot, Leaf Curl, Shot Hole, Bladder Plum,

Bacterial Blast, Black Spot, Grease Spot, Septoria Spot, Bacterial Leaf Spot, Rust, Crown Rot, Bacterial Canker, Stemphlium, Bacterial Brown Spot, Melanose, leaf Spot, Cane Spot and Cane Wilt.

Wallys Liquid Copper is not registered for any purpose.

Liquid Copper comes in a 250ml concentrate bottle making 83 litres of spray

Add to water for better mixing as opposed to adding water to the copper liquid.

This Copper gives you another safer alternative to harmful chemical sprays. It can be used all year round.

USE WITH RAINGARD at 1 ml per litre of spray to give rain proofing for 14 days.

Otherwise no other spreaders or stickers need to be added as the Liquid Copper already has these features.

The Raingard just extends the life of the copper film on the foliage no matter what the weather conditions.

Wash out sprayer afterwards. If concentrate copper comes into contact with skin wash off under running water.

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