Karbyon (Sooty Mold Remover)

Karbyon 500 grams used for removing black sooty mould from trees and plants.


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Karbyon is a  new product  that solves a problem which a solution has been sort after for years; to remove black sooty mould off plants.

Called KarbyonTM it is Micro encapsulated potassium bicarbonate 900g/kg in form of water soluble powder.

Used at 50 grams per 5 litres of water. (Scoop provided in container is 50grams when filled level)

To mix place 2.5 litres of water in spray tank, while mixing slowly add the 50 grams of

KarbyonTM then the other 2.5 litres of water. (Warm water will be better to use)

When spraying ensure a good spray coverage to run off for optimum disease control.

48 hours later spray the target plant with a jet of water from the hose.

If not all the sooty mould is removed then a second application of KarbyonTM maybe needed.

There is a withholding period which is; Do not apply within 7 days of harvest of food crops.

Storage Instructions: Store below 35oC. Keep out of reach of children. Store out of direct

Sunlight. Keep container tightly closed. Do not store diluted product.

Karbyon is used for not only removing black sooty mould off plants but also for the prevention of powdery mildew on plants. That means it will also help prevent black spot on plants.

For either of these uses I would recommend adding Raingard to the spray so it does not was off in rain for up to 14 days. If using for black sooty mould then do not add Raingard to the spray as you do want to wash it off after 48 hours.

The cause of the black sooty mould is insect pests such as whitefly, scale, mealy bugs, aphids and thrips all of which feed on your plants and then pee out honey dew. The honey dew turns to black sooty mould and also attracts ants.

You can do one of two things, firstly kill the insects that are causing the problem by spraying Neem Tree Oil and Key Pyrethrum mixed together or you can treat the sooty mould first and the the insects afterwards.

Black sooty mould not only makes the plants unsightly it also reduces the energy the plant can obtain from sunlight. The plants are not getting the energy they should and pest insects are sapping their vital energy as well. The plants are in stress and can lose leaves, fruit, flowers and eventually die.

A real problem on citrus trees is from the Australian White Fly which arrived in Auckland in 2000 and now spread over a lot of the country.

At least now you have a means of removing the sooty mould.

Ask at your garden centre for Karbyon and if they say they don't know about it tell them to get in contact with me. Happy gardening Wally Richards.

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