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Wallys Super Stump Rotter 200 grams

Wallys Super Stump Rotter


 As a powder applied to tree stumps at the rate of 60 grams per 10cm of stump width.

 Drill a few small holes to expose fresh wood and spread the powder.

Cover with a plastic hat secured to sides of stump.

 Note scoop supplied contains 40 grams  when filled about level.


 WARNING Do not sprinkle or spray onto live plants as it can kill them.

$14.00 (inc GST)

For breaking down organic material in compost use at rates of 40 grams (one scoop) to 1 litres of water sprayed over material.

 For woody material it can be increased to 5 scoops to 1 litres of water or any amount in between.

Its just a matter of seeing what works best on what material.

 WARNING Do not spray on live plants as it can kill them.